Air BnB World on Tour Campaign


Air Bnb has been getting bad press and wants to reestablish the community building aspect of their business to attract new users.


Music fans will travel to see their favorite bands at music festivals, and would also travel to other cities to see them and stay with fellow fans.


A partnership between Air BnB and the music library scanning/concert information app Song Kick.

People search or browse for travel destinations and Air Bnb rooms according to their favorite band's concert schedules and hosts in those areas that like the same music. Air BnB furthur promotes the music community by sponsoring a Mid by Midwest Music Festival in Minneapolis. All of this in the name of helping people expand their music community.
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In banner ads people watch a live show that is currently happening somewhere in the world. They can watch in the banner ad, or expanded to full screen for up to 5 minutes. After that they are directed to book their own tour with Air Bnb.

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Print ads will use the visual language of a road trip and connect it back to song lyrics about travelling.

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Air BnB will sponsor the first Mid By Midwest Music Festival in Minneapolis and promote it as a community building experience. There will be a contest for 50 people to fly to the festival and stay for free with an Air BnB host. Any Air BnB hosts in Minneapolis that have rooms booked that weekend will receive free passes to the festival.

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